About us

The National Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association (IMCA) is an organization of Indigenous people involved in the medical cannabis industry on and off reserve throughout Turtle Island that shall:

  1. Encourage the self-regulation of the Indigenous Medical Cannabis Industry through the application of Indigenous political and economic principles that will: uphold Indigenous self determination, protect minors, combat addiction, keep out “organized crime,” provide for quality control and safe handling and consistency of product, educate consumers, regulate prices, ensure fair standards of wages and benefits to workers, and otherwise promote public health and wellbeing.
  2. Develop and share public policy positions that advance the interests of IMCA members and the indigenous communities they are a part of in light of the changing policies being adopted by various US and Canadian governmental entities concerning the regulation of various forms of medical and recreational Cannabis consumption.
  3. Advocate and promote the rights of Indigenous people to access medical cannabis and to build an “above ground” industry to produce, transport and sell medical cannabis by means of workshops, publications, advertisements, and public relations campaigns.
  4. Encourage the diversification of the medical cannabis industry into a broader “green economy” using cannabis byproducts to produce building materials, paper, clothing, health foods, etc. in such a manner to bring prosperity and economic benefit to indigenous communities.
  5. Defend and build political and legal support for members of the IMCA who face criminalization or state sanctioned targeting for participating in the Indigenous medical cannabis industry.
  6. Cooperate with other organizations and social movements to put pressure on governments and corporations to respect the interests of indigenous people and the rights of the indigenous economy.
  7. Support the traditional [i.e. non-colonial] governance of Indigenous peoples on their home territories. The IMCA shall not claim to speak on behalf of or to negotiate on behalf of any specific Indigenous nation or peoples, and shall respectfully engage with and support traditional indigenous governance.
  8. Pool resources to return a portion of profits made in the Indigenous Medical Cannabis industry into social and cultural programs that strengthen and support indigenous identity and values.

For more information you can email us at indigenousmedicalcannabis@gmail.com